Report Generation

The easyMedicaid™ System is not just a billing system. It can be used for all your IEP students giving you access to important information for IEP compliance, staffing, or just general information.

Some of the reports you'll find:

  • Monthly billing data
    • Get your accurate billing report for reimbursement in minutes, not hours or days!
  • Over-billing reports
    • Know how many times your service providers have entered a session that is over the grid and cannot be billed. Does the IEP need to be ammeded, or do services need to be cut back to match the grid? Use this data to help maximize service provider time.
  • Not seen reports
    • Know how often and why your students are missing sessions, or what providers are missing the most sessions.
  • Service by student
  • Service by provider
  • Printable sign-off sheets
    • Easily provide your associated school districts with copies of their student's service reports.
  • Catastropic Aid reporting
    • Not sure if you can collect additional funds for students, let the system tell you, and let it do all the calculations for you!

We are frequently adding new reports to our system. Have a report that would be helpful, let us know and we'll look into adding it.