Medicaid Billing

The easyMedicaid™ System makes in-house billing a realistic option that will save time, increase compliance and maximize revenues.

  • All data is collected directly into the system
    • As an administrator, you don't have to worry about having to manually enter your billing data, the system collects all data directly from your service providers.
  • Automatic compliance checks
    • As data gets entered, it is automatcially checked against entered service grids and warns you if you are over-billing for a student.
  • Electronic Signatures
    • easyMedicaid™ has been approved for electronic signatures in New Hampshire so you don't have to print and sign all your paperwork.
  • Automatic eligibility checks
    • Don't spend any more time on the phone than needed! Once you have a Medicaid number for a student, the system will automatically check eligibility for you.
  • Automatic and exact calculations, instantly
    • Having all data electronic gives you the ability to have every transaction calculated exactly, making sure you are getting every penny possible. And it all happens with the click of a button, not hours of manual calculations and data entry.
  • Don't chase providers for paperwork
    • Electronic signatures make moving forward with billing easy. Never have to chase down providers for their paperwork and signatures. Run the unsigned report and automatically email everyone reminding them to sign off.
  • Transportation data capturing
    • Collect transportation data and have the system calculate all billing for you.
  • Preschool billing
    • Let the system decide if it's more beneficial to collect the per diem rate for your preschool students or if you can get more money by billing individual services.
  • Full control over your revenues
    • Know exactly how much you are billing and when you are getting the money. Never have another stale dated check because you are in full control of your billing.