easyMedicaid™ Features

The easyMedicaid™ System will allow your school district to save money by giving you the tools you need to collect and manage your own billing data, and will then provide you with a billing file for reimbursement with the click of a button. Whether you have a third party biller, or you are performing billing tasks in-house, you are responsible for maintaining all needed data and compliance paperwork, so why pay someone else to click the button for you.

The easyMedicaid™ System is an on-line tool that gives you:

  • An easy, user-friendly interface your service providers will love
  • Piece of mind with real-time compliance checks based on entered grids and calendars
  • Complete data storage for ALL IEP students, not just those on Medicaid

As administrators, you can quickly and easily:

  • Manage users and permissions for both in-district and out-of-district users
  • Maintain student data through easy to use import feature
  • Maintain user salary information through easy to use import feature
  • Maintain optional backups of all data (Excel spreadsheet format)
  • Maintain student grid information to ensure IEP compliance and prevent over-billing
  • Maintain school calendar information as an additional step to help with compliance
  • Check sign-off information (system approved for electronic signatures)
  • Generate multiple custom reports (see Report Generation)
  • Check eligibility automatically for all students with a Medicaid number on file
  • Create your Medicaid reimbursement billing file with the click of a button, NOT hours of manual entry